Amna Ilyas and Gunjal: Two of Its Dynamic Kind

  • Gunjal
  • January 28, 2024

If there’s one thing to be said about Amna Ilyas, it’s that she knows how to leave us wanting more with every new thing she takes upon. She decorates each character with her inbred charm and reckoning gravitas which is exactly the sort of combination that leaves audiences wondering what new surprise she’s cooking up.

After seeing these behind the scenes shots of Amna taking up the role of an activist and social worker in the upcoming movie Gunjal; we can’t help but pander to the anticipation that these images clearly evoke.

Ilyas is known for keeping things interesting by taking on roles that add to her vast protfolio as an actress. From adventurous roles in films like Zinda Bhaag to beguiling ones as seen in Baaji. The actress has also taken on roles that have been out of her comfort zone such as Marui in the recent theatre play The Rivers Daughter to the dynamic Sarojini Naidu in the upcoming Fatima Jinnah series. In short there really isn’t anything Amna can’t do.

In a recent clip that hit our socials we see Amna along with a few other members of the movie discussing her character in the film that details child labor. She describes the process of becoming Meher, an activist who works for an NGO and actively fights against child labor.

Appearing in a simple shalwaar kameez that Ilyas loyally makes fashionable, she goes on to say that initially she was hesitant to take on the role but fell in love with the depth of the script and the message it sent across.

While the model and actress is seen as a fashion icon, Amna has also used her platform to boldly speak up for things that many shy away from. From beginning the dialogue on dark skin, a running topic in conventional conversation to now taking on a project that sheds light on child labor borrowing inspiration from true events, she does it all.

Gunjal appears to be the first of its kind and it’s befitting to say the very least that Amna Ilyas is the glue that pieces the story together.

Directed by Shoaib Sultan and starring other big wigs such as Ahmed Ali Akbar, Resham and Samiya Mumtaz among other promising names, we can’t wait to watch it in theaters on December 15th.




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