Pakistani Films Light Up The Silver Screen This December

  • Gunjal
  • January 28, 2024

It’s been quite a slow year for Pakistan, government and cinema alike. We’re going hither tither everywhere and this lack of stability has resulted in the lack of production of good films this year. As the year comes to a close, Pakistani cinema enthusiasts can finally rejoice as December brings a lineup of diverse films to the silver screen. While these releases may not feature the industry’s biggest stars, they are packed with talent and promise a refreshing departure from the usual rom-com fare.

Gunjal: Ahmed Ali Akbar’s Riveting Comeback

Ahmed Ali Akbar is returning to the big screen after four years with a gripping storyline that delves into the acquittal of an adolescent labour activist’s killer. Gunjal focuses on the acquittal of the killer of an adolescent labour activist and how journalist Shahbaz Bhatti spots alarming loopholes in the verdict. The film will revolve around the journalist’s quest for justice while he unveils the ugly truth of child labour in 1990s Pakistan along the go. The inclusion of Resham and Amna Ilyas adds to the anticipation.

Chikkar: Usman Mukhtar’s Powerful Comeback

Boasting an ensemble cast, including Usman Mukhtar, Adnan Shah Tipu, Ushna Shah and Saleem Meiraj, Chikkar is an upcoming thriller tackling the struggles and complexities of our society. Exploring multi-faceted themes with power and silence at their roots, Chikkar is all set to enthral the audience on the 22nd of December. Usman Mukhtar is set to make a powerful comeback to the big screen with his role as SSP Sarmad Zaman and focuses on a political environment of power and hope within the society. The film, with its intriguing teaser, has awakened an interest in the audience as it promises to be a different genre than the regular rom-com. A breath of fresh air, perhaps.

Dhai Chal: Action-Packed Thriller on the Horizon

Now this is a film that has been in production for a long time. Dhai Chal, based on the life of the convicted Indian spy, Kulbhushan Jadhav, the film stars Ayesha Omer and Shamoon Abbasi in lead roles. With its trailer laden with action and ammunition, Dhai Chal promises to be an action-packed thriller with a narrative exploring Indo-Pak animosity. The trailer for Dhai Chal was released over a year and a half ago, and now it seems, the film is all set to see the light of the day on December 8th. Alongside Ayesha Omer, who portrays the role of a journalist and Shamoon Abbasi as Jadhav, Dhai Chal will also star Humayoun Ashraf, Adnan Shah Tipu, Taqi Ahmed and Saleem Mairaj in prominent roles.

Bhediya: Unveiling a Dark Cinematic Experience

Starring Shafqat Cheema, Sidra Noor, Shehzad Billa and Sheheryar Cheema in lead roles, the film has also been directed by Shehzad Billa and follows a gory plotline where a serial killer is seen murdering innocent girls while a woman dances around the victims. Scheduled for release on December 22nd, the film aims to offer a unique cinematic experience.

Our Take

Assessing the star power the above-listed films entail, the movies would garner interest from the audience this time, despite it being a different genre. While our neighbours prepare to release films like Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal and SRK’s Dunki, we’ll have these December releases showcasing our industry’s commitment to diverse storytelling.

The creators choosing them to be non-festive releases indicates confidence in their content, steering away from the typical holiday-themed films. As we eagerly anticipate these films, it’s a promising sign that Pakistani cinema is gearing up for a vibrant and varied cinematic experience.

What do you guys think? Which film do you think will get your attention this December? Will you be willing to head to the cinemas to watch any one of the above-listed Pakistani films?



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